DIY Pop-up Smoke Push-ball Box
DIY Pop-up Smoke Push-ball Box
DIY Pop-up Smoke Push-ball Box
DIY Pop-up Smoke Push-ball Box
DIY Pop-up Smoke Push-ball Box
DIY Pop-up Smoke Push-ball Box
DIY Pop-up Smoke Push-ball Box

DIY Pop-up Smoke Push-ball Box

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SECONDS TO MAKE A PUFF!!"Burst beads" refer to small liquid glue beads embedded in the tobacco filter

Main Features:

The smoker can squeeze and explode during the smoking process, so that the liquid in the beads can flow out, making the cigarette taste richer and more fragrant, so that the smoker can get a more comfortable experience

1、Harmless Use: The food grade PP plastic inner material is harmless to the human body, and the ball pushing rod can withstand 10,000 times of use.
2、Wear-resistant and Non-shade: The shell with UV matte environmental protection paint is wear-resistant and never fade.
3、Product Size: The bead Pusher is about 34 * 80 * 13mm, which is small and light.
4、Product Use: The bead pusher can solve bamboo sticks with breeding mold mildew.
5、Size Requirement: The old version has a particle size requirement of 3.1-3.4mm, and the upgraded version of 2.6-3.8mm.

Decrease Smoking damage

Using Methods:

1. Slowly pour the fragrant beads into the top of the bead box and put it in the entrance.
2. Take out the ordinary cigarette without pre-embedded scented beads, put it into the bottom hole, and push it into the filling channel slightly.
3. Insert the ordinary cigarettes that have completed the filling channel into the bottom left hole, and the filling rod pushes the fragrant beads into the filling channel smoothly.
4. Hold the cigarette in one hand, and push the bead stick with the other hand to implant the fragrant beads into the mouthpiece. Squeeze the scented bead beads and ignite them to complete.


It contains liquids of different types of spices

Name: Bead Pusher
Material: plastic + metal accessories
Colour: black
Size: about 34 * 80 * 13mm/1.34*3.15*0.51in

Product Size :

Package included:

1 * Bead Pusher


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.


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