Magic Fire™
Magic Fire™
Magic Fire™
Magic Fire™
Magic Fire™
Magic Fire™
Magic Fire™

Magic Fire™

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Want to add a little magic to your fire? Magic Fire will bring fun and excitement to any gathering by providing colorful flames for any wood burning fire. Simply toss 1-2 UNOPENED packages into any indoor or outdoor wood-burning fire and watch the magic happen! Now with 20X more magic in every packet!


These packets are so cool! We have an outdoor fireplace that burns very hot, so we put in two packs and it lasted about 45 minutes. If you had a more moderate fire, I’m sure it would last longer. Just throw them in the middle of the fire and be ready for the color show! Super fun if you have kids! Had to come back and order a bigger box!”

~ Jessica C.




Forget about the messy “Color Cones,” “Fire Color Sticks” and “Color Flame Crystals,” Magic Fire™ will provide a more vivid and brighter experience. Magic Fire will transform any average yellow and orange fire into a dazzling colorful fire that the whole family can enjoy. Each packet brings bright blue, red, green, and delightful purple colors to create a dancing rainbow of flames! 


  • Bring fun and excitement to any fire
  • Enjoyable for the whole family 
  • Beautiful vibrant colors
  • Can use for both indoor and outdoor fires
  • Mess/smell free experience
  • Easy to use 


Perfect for camping, bonfires, outdoor events, backyard fire pits, and much more! Just bring a few magic packets wherever you go, toss them into the fire, and enjoy the show! Other color packets contain 10 grams but  Magic Fire™ contains 25 grams in each packet, allowing for a longer magical color show.


 ~ How to Use ~

Simply toss an unopened packet or two into any wood burning fire. Within minutes, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the new vibrant colors dancing in your flames. For brighter and longer-lasting results, you can throw a couple of extra packets in.

**Please do not tear or open the packet before use.

**Please do not cook over colored flames.

**Only use with wood-burning fires. Not electric or gas fires, and the chimney flue should be open for proper ventilation.